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Monday, 7 August 2017 2:30 am 0 note(s)
i seriously miss blogging very much. i couldnt really hold back and i surprisingly got my way accessing through the wifi. which only lasted until 9.30pm what a bummer sobs. anyway, i'm updating here with an assignment that is due tomorrow. it wasn't because i wanted to procrastinate, but continuously doing the work for so long is kinda boring for me.

my ways of doing assignment is that doing it early, and spontaneously without in a rush. in that way i could get a better result, tho some may not be satisfying like how i wanted. but as long as the work is done, all is well haha. im almost done with it anyway, just trying to make it more neat and more smooth.

and if you're wondering what kind of assignment i'm doing, me and my groupmate have to create an animation, which is kinda hard since i'm not that good in drawing plus i have actually move the leg which came out awkwardly gah :/

out with the stress, i really couldnt believe i'm already 19? which come out pretty much old for me because have you guys watch produce101 2? literally half of the contestant are like younger than me. what come out of being a shock for me is that i've been going on and on about guanlin and not knowing his age was? he literally had the same age as my younger brother smh this is not healthy for me haha.

i kinda felt like ranting but i got an animation to finish sobs, till next time then. i'm gonna try to update and also try to change up the theme, im hoping i still got the code right (criess)

Na 18 y/o asian. ARIES / INFJ-T. Muslim. Taking Graphic Design at PIS. Loves to code, sing, watching movie, reading books, have too much guilty pleasure with a weird obsession. im just really lazy.

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